Live Demo! Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

Live Demo!
Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

Weebet and ParlayBay transform the microbetting scenario in Brazil


Weebet marks another point in the innovation search for Brazilian operators, this time with microbets through the provider ParlayBay.

The partnership between Weebet and ParlayBay is the first to be carried out with a B2B platform in Latin America. With a focus on offering the best to Brazilian operators and, consequently, to bettors, Weebet believes it will uniquely transform the Brazilian bettor’s experience with the possibilities of microbets, through integration between companies.


ParlayBay is a leading sports betting innovation company focused on providing a unique and exciting instant betting experience to players. Created in 2020, ParlayBay stands out as a pioneer in the concept of microbetting and is expanding its operations in Latin America alongside Weebet.


Lenildo Nogueira, CEO of Weebet, stated: “We are always looking for the latest news for our operators and ParlayBay’s products are in a niche that is little explored in our country. With this partnership, we seek to popularize microbets in sports markets in addition to strengthening our commitment to customers by always seeking innovation and features that enable them to stand out in the market.”


“We are delighted to collaborate with the experienced team at Weebet around the dynamic trinity in betting: In-Play, Micro and Builders!”, said Fredrik Elmqvist, Chairman of ParlayBay.


The games Streak and Stack’em are available for betting on the world’s main sporting championships, such as the Brasileirão, Libertadores, Eurocup, and even in the basketball area with the NBA or the Basketball World Cup.


The purpose of the games is to bet on micromarkets, such as a foul in the game, a corner or any other move that will have results in a few minutes. The proposal further streamlines the user experience, who will be able to place live bets with instant results.


The interface and user experience are intuitive, modern and fun, Weebet’s priorities in a quality partnership for its audience, which is mostly made up of Brazilian operators who will be integrated with the best news in the iGaming sector.


Meet Weebet, a powerhouse for Brazilian operations


Weebet is an iGaming platform whose mission is to enable Brazilian operators to compete alongside the biggest players in the global market.


The company’s proposal is to ensure an exceptional experience for bettors, providing a wide selection of games and innovative resources. After all, operators need the guarantee that their customers will be satisfied.


Weebet differentiates itself as complete software aimed at Brazilian operators, with fully customer-centric support and a team that prioritizes innovation.

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