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Spotlight Interview with Tommy Marshall

Spotlight Interview with Tommy Marshall: From Health and Fitness to the World of Gaming

ParlayBay’s Tommy Marshall isn’t just any Data Analyst; he’s a multifaceted professional who bridges the gap between health, sports, and data analytics. As the founder of Marshall Mends, Tommy dedicated his energies to the nuances of exercise rehabilitation, primarily through reformer Pilates. Today, at ParlayBay, his prowess in data analysis shapes the landscape of the gaming industry. With the Weekend 2 Premier League set to start, what better moment to get insights from Tommy on the unique blend of health, data, and Gaming?


Interdisciplinary Approach: “Tommy, your background is quite diverse, from sports and exercise science to data analysis. How have you merged these seemingly distinct fields in your work with ParlayBay, especially with games like Stack’Em?”

I used to analyze people’s movement patterns and now analyze data and player journeys through our games… Having a diverse breakdown has always given me a unique lens through which to approach problems. My master’s degree was very data-driven, allowing me to develop my critical thinking skills. With such a game as STACK ‘EM, we want to create a unique experience for the user. We want the user to experience something new, something fun, and, most importantly, something they want to continue playing.

Pilates and Gaming: “You founded Marshall Mends, focusing on exercise rehabilitation. Do reformer pilates or rehabilitation principles influence your Approach to game design or user experience?”

“It’s an intriguing connection, right? When we talk about reformer pilates or rehabilitation, at its core, it’s about understanding human movement, body mechanics, and enhancing functionality. Analyzing user experience, I always emphasize fluidity, intuitiveness, and seamless engagement. So yes, Pilates’s principles of efficient movement and optimal functionality find their way into how I approach analysing our player’s journey.”

Data in Game Design: “Data seems to be a recurring theme in your career. How do you employ your SQL and data analysis expertise to enhance the gaming experience at ParlayBay?”

“Data, for me, is like the pulse of any operation. At ParlayBay, my SQL and data analysis expertise allows us to understand player behaviors, preferences, and trends. By interpreting this data, we can fine-tune our games to resonate more with our players, ensuring a more immersive and captivating gaming experience.”

Personal Achievements: “You generated significant revenue at Ten Health & Fitness and even led a collaboration with ‘Fight Bladder Cancer.’ How have these achievements and experiences shaped your current role at ParlayBay?”

Every experience carves out a piece of you, and these achievements were no different. Being able to generate revenue or collaborate with organizations like ‘Fight Bladder Cancer’ has taught me the importance of innovation, collaboration, and striving for excellence. At ParlayBay, I ensure that we’re not just creating games but fostering an environment of innovation, pushing boundaries, and, most importantly, making a difference in the iGaming world.”

It’s been an enlightening experience to delve deep into the mind of Tommy Marshall. His unique blend of expertise in sports, health, and data analytics showcases how diverse experiences can converge to create something extraordinary in the world of gaming. We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tommy for taking the time to share his insights and journey with us. As for the Weekend 2 Premier League games, with the level of dedication and innovation players like Tommy bring to the table, we’re sure to be in for a treat. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or just a casual observer, keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come. Onward to an exciting weekend of matches and may the best team win!

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