Live Demo! Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

Live Demo!
Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

The ParlayBay demo is now live!

Operators can now sign up for a demo and get a look and feel for ParlayBay’s sports betting games. We’re promising a never-ending user engagement and player excitement through our game mechanics that are destined to be the next big thing within the iGaming industry! Sign up for a demo now to join in on the journey.

Why ParlayBay?

To stimulate humanity’s never-ending thirst for dopamine.  ParlayBay is built on the concept of introducing sports betting into game design, and we’re confident that we will give our players never-ending user engagement and entertainment. We firmly believe that innovation in sports betting can always be pushed further. It sounds simple, however, some of the greatest products are built on this foundation, simplicity. 2022 will be about ParlayBay, its innovation, and sports betting games.

Technology advancements provide more data, served at an ever-increasing speed, and this triggers an ever-growing increase of markets. In fact, today there is a vast variety of different sportsbook operators with more markets than players. 

The traditional sportsbook UI/UX layout, which stems from a simple physical betting slip, is now a daunting maze and some users can find it overwhelming to navigate. 

UI/UX is our core

The current market shows an unfulfilled thirst for innovation within the sports betting market that can solve this issue. There has been a growth in the number of products and bets played on sportsbooks products, which have just a slightly more innovative UI/UX than their competition.  In many cases it’s the same markets, just graphically enhanced.

So what happens when you make UI/UX the core of the entire company and its products? Here at ParlayBay, this is what we wanted to find out! We are aware that our company is simply the perception of what our customers experience, what they see and hear. For this reason UI/UX remains a core principle in everything we do. 

Better yet, we decided to allow our sports betting games to be integrated on operators’ sites through our seamless API. We are welcoming operators around the world to join in on our journey.

ParlayBay goes beyond gamification

Generally speaking, gamification should allow the user to make decisions that give them scores depending on the outcome of their results in comparison with others.

By simply adding a leaderboard for different markets, sportsbooks nowadays could be considered gamification. To some, this may seem innovative and gamification. 

The bar to be considered as gamification has been simplified. Game design is the future and this is what ParlayBay is doing. 

ParlayBay Game design is more.

By introducing graphical elements and game mechanics that are commonly seen within casino and social games, the player will be absorbed into a whole new world. We believe that Parlaybay is the next big thing and urge operators to include this in their product offering to stay ahead of the game. 

Parlaybay requires no preparation before the match and regardless if the player is a hard-core sports fan or a casual viewer, the Parlaybay game will definitely keep them engaged.  Players can participate with small amounts and win big thanks to the ParlayBay game mechanics that include progressive jackpots and accumulator odds. For further engagement we offer features such as “re-buy”, where a player can opt-in, to continue playing after losing. The Parlaybay game allows players to play together while creating a sociable environment. 

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