Live Demo! Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

Live Demo!
Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

ParlayBay will launch at SBC Summit in Barcelona!

‘ParlayBay will finally open its doors at SBC Summit in Barcelona!’

Keep those fingers crossed because we here at ParlayBay are going to launch it’s one of its kind, gamification of sports betting. This will definitely take the sports betting experiences to an all-new high. 

ParlayBay is a start-up with iGaming industry veterans backing it.  ParlayBay embodies a true passion for sports and gaming.  We are going all-in with a unique and new concept that is sure to take the world of sports betting by storm. 

ParlayBay will engage the viewers like never before and are sure to dazzle the sports betting industry with its technological and creative design and innovations. User experience is at the core of this concept. All of our games feature in-play gaming and odds market, as well as a semi-automated selection on offer. Leaderboards, progressive jackpots, re-buys combined with skill-based decision-making are gaming at its very core. 

This new UX-focused product will feature a multitude of sports, ParlayBay has a secured data provider that has worldwide coverage, including sports like soccer, football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and Formula 1. ParlayBay also plans to include a range of other sports soon, as well as new emerging markets such as Esports and virtual gaming. There will be a published press release about this in the upcoming days. Follow us on LinkedIn (insert link)  to ensure you are staying up to date with what is happening here at ParlayBay

ParlayBay is looking for all the iGaming lovers to approach us for a live private demonstration to get invested in this amazing new iGaming product. You can get yourself a first glance at this product by booking yourself a live demo at SBC. 

ParlayBay is going to be represented at SBC by William Lövqvist, the sales manager at ParlayBay. The product will be presented to the public at the SBC on the 23rd of September 2021 at 12:40 pm on Stage 1. Additionally, ParlayBay also has a stand at C6. Make sure to check it out! 

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