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Now you can try ParlayBay for free. Let's play

Head of Product

Head of Product


ParlayBay is a game studio that takes the analysis, research, creative and strategy process seriously, enabling us to bring forward some new and innovative user experiences, tightly aligned with partner expectations, to the many players.

As innovators, we see a great future to continue to evolve our offer. Over and above the evolution of new sports betting games frameworks,  we also look at the overall offer in a much wider context. We need a champion to drive the fact finding missions, researches, analysis, conceptualisations, etc. so we can continue to make the right decisions taking the company too new heights.

Now, we are looking for a Head of Product, who will use a combination of outstanding analytical skills, data driven mindset, collaborative skills, creative design thinking principles, business judgment, and strategic planning to innovate and build world-class product strategy. In this role, the Head of Product will have the responsibility to provide its experience, network of contacts, direction, and performance, resulting in shaping a superior product road map.

As a Head of Product at ParlayBay, you will be a vision holder for your team, collaborating with researchers, studio production, product marketing, influencers, to build the products, games, features, frameworks, and all value propositions, with a vision and strategic roadmap. You will be responsible for driving a great overall player and partner experience through disciplined work.

Job Purpose

The successful Head of Product will bring products and value propositions to the forefront of the industry: building unforgettable experiences and delighting its users whether they are players, influencers, or distribution partners. Equipped with research and data, the successful candidate will have the freedom to provide experience and direction to the product development process, then building a road map of well-defined high performing products, features, services, propositions and programs for the real-money players.

What you will actually do

  • Lead the Product team of Head of Studio, Head of Game Development, Head of Creative and Head of R&D, who will be driving the creative innovations and road map development.
  • Create new product concepts, invent innovative and successful mechanics and value propositions.
  • Identify player needs and spot market trends, via research, and opportunities to build games and products with features that improve engagement and retention, grow the user base and engage company’s partners operators, influencers and players,
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and other Senior Management on long term decision making and roadmap planning,
  • Produce reports on a weekly and monthly basis, and
  • Review game performance statistics and conducted field research on competitor products.

In this role, you will –

  • Own – Articulating vision, strategy, KPIs, road map of games, products and value propositions
  • Collaborate – With Product team members, stakeholders, product marketing, influencers and test groups, to ensure continuous alignment on the vision and the roadmap of the product.
  • Execute – Become a business owner for the results of Product Use KPIs and conduct overlapping, multivariate experiments, to better understand behavior patterns/trends, and iterate to enhance the Products/Games/Frameworks/Features/Value Propositions success.

Your profile

You possess a genuine interest in creating a strong road map of exciting slot games with superior player experience, enticing engagement tools, laser-focused strategic product decisions on value propositions, evident either from previous work experience. You love to play math prototypes, scrutinise early concepts, assess data and research, you have a very inquisitive nature and can envision what is making a success (and not) and what is key to bring forward to make any development a success.

You have a drive and a strong sense of ownership, to follow through on all tasks as required. You are transparent, communicative and team oriented with the necessary social skills to manage a team and stakeholders.

You organise ‘design thinking’ processes in a way in which everyone can be creative. You have the ability to separate good product ideas from the great ones!

Key Roles & Responsibilities

The Head of Product will deliver the vision and strategy, execute concepts, monitor development, progression and collaborate with stakeholders. He or she will understand industry market trends and player appetite and ensure that the elements developed by the team will contribute to player satisfaction and enjoyment. Through strong customer empathy, the Head of Product will be responsible to develop deep insights into industry trends and player requirements and how the roadmap addresses those insights.

The Head of Product will be able to-

  • drive and follow-up on development with the team and stakeholders;
  • communicate the product objectives, strategies, and general information to all team members, and stakeholders, so as to give visibility to the advancement of the development of the product;
  • actively drive the decision-making process, aligned with SMT and Directors, and oversee the necessary adjustments to ensure that the product team meets expectations;
  • supervise and be responsible for providing clear and structured product documents to ensure that the products intentions are understood and that team members are working on the right elements;
  • drive the product strategy that ensures effective alignment with the Company’s strategy;
  • lead and develop product roadmaps for the team’s products; and
  • keep abreast of latest developments within the industry.

Line Management

  • carry out performance follow ups and assessments;
  • participate in the selection of team members;
  • carry out other line managerial duties such as determine the work schedules and vacation times of team members;
  • manage any conflicts that arise within the team;
  • create a work environment that is motivating for team members and which fosters development and creativity; and
  • support career advancement and suggest development and interpersonal skills training and technique sessions for team members.

Required Experience

The Head of Product should possess the following –

  • Ability to draw product concept specifications;
  • Experience with steering conceptual and prototype development;
  • History from successful Gaming Production and/or Gaming Design;
  • Minimum of 5 years’ work experience as a Product Manager in B2B iGaming; and

Required Skills

The Product Manager should also possess the following –

  • ability to lead, motivate, and develop a team;
  • strong communication and project steering skills;
  • ability to collaborate with and inspire cross discipline teams to achieve goals;
  • strong analytical skills and ability to leverage research and data, paired with great problem-solving skills, and to make informed decisions;
  • great written/oral organisational skills and attention to detail;
  • ability to provide clear direction, set measurable goals and give insight on industry trends;
  • ability to work in a fast-paced environment, prioritise work to meet specific deadlines required and to present work to executive team;
  • strong negotiation and persuasion skills;
  • a good knowledge of analysing BI-data;
  • be a self-starter, a team player and goal driven;
  • a passion for slots and creating compelling user experiences; and
  • ability to provide clear direction, set measurable goals and give insight on industry and competitor trends.

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